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Ann Sexton Retires from Board of Education

Many of you may wonder what happened to Ann Sexton after her second album, The Beginning, was released in 1978.  Soon after, she decided to leave the music industry and relocate to New York.  Looking to escape the stressful politics of the music industry, Ann Sexton embraced a career change.  Her desire to help the community inspired her to become a school teacher.  
After 20 years of outstanding service, Ann Sexton retired from the Board of Education in January, 2010.  She committed a big part of her life to teaching special needs students.  Her co-worker Frank J. Degennaro described her as the "most charming, wonderful, kind person you'll ever meet, always more than willing to go that extra mile for her children."  While working at the school, Ann Sexton did not inform anyone of her previous career as a recording artist.  She did, however, perform at the school, singing the Star Spangled Banner and entertained the crowd with her soul singing style.  The students and school staff threw a surprise retirement party for Ann Sexton. 
"Rising Up" to a New Song 
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