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"Rising Up" featuring Ann Sexton is Now Available!  Ferry Ultra and Ann Sexton team up to create an inspiring song about overcoming obstacles and being successful despite of what life throws your way.


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Ann Sexton and David Lee Reunited in Shelby,N.C after 40 years ! History was made on October 24 & 25 as Ann Sexton revisited her roots in Shelby.Ann and David visited friends,fans and even went back to the studio where Ann made her first recording with David Lee "You're Letting Me Down" She Performed on Saturday with David Lee and The Constellations. Special Thanks to Tommy Forney
David Lee and Ann Sexton are Reuniting this Fall!  On October 23, 2010 Ann Sexton will be appearing at the 8th Annual Art of Sound Festival in North Carolina to honor her old-time producer David Lee.